Connecting our world.

We have a dream of connecting our world forward, helping around 1 billion people worldwide achieve wellbeing to have a better, happier and lovely life ❤️.

Connect with people who have the same interests as you worldwide

Exchange knowledge and experiences through video calls

Find and join communities with people like you around the globe.

Together we are stronger, together we can make the diffence


“Word can’t express how proud I am of Khalil and his team…”


“Kornerz connected me with a wonderful person who brought me amazing experiences that i wouldn’t have otherwise…”


“…Kornerz communitiy is designed to spread love, peace and spirituality worldwide.”


”I’m having amazing experiences with Kornerz meeting people from Amazon to USA…”

Driving the world forward

Find and meet people who have the same interests as you do, join communities to exchange knowledge, experiences and live the world from the palm of your hands.

Our dream team

Khalil Sautchuk
Founder & CEO
Former professional wakeboarder champion, business and MBA graduated, passionate about learning and helping the world forward.
Gabriel Faleri
Co-Founder & CTO
Computer Scientist, former Accenture and Reply leader.
Bellmond Viga
Director of operations
Entrepreneuer, holistic therapy, yogi and spiritual seeker.

We want to hear you!

Your opinion is very important to us, help us improve and create value to you and communities around the world!