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We exist to create a better tomorrow through social impact and human development. With the use of technology we’re connecting the world, today.

Meet new people by discovering 1 on 1 vídeo calls.

Learn and share experiences.

Find invite only and screened communities.

Own your content and community with blockchain technology


“Word can’t express how proud I am of Khalil and his team…”


“Kornerz connected me with a wonderful person who brought me amazing experiences that i wouldn’t have otherwise…”


“…Kornerz communitiy is designed to spread love, peace and spirituality worldwide.”


”I’m having amazing experiences with Kornerz meeting people from Amazon to USA…”


Kornerz helps users find other people to talk about wellbeing, art, music, education and sports. At Kornerz users can join 1 on 1 vídeo calls, share experiences through group video calls, find invite only and screened communities and highly curated, relevant and premium content.

With IPFS and ERC-20 we are giving the ownership of the content and governance over it’s community back to the users.

We are aligned with ESG and SDG’s #3 and #4.

We’re live, download the alfa version of our Mobile App:

Our dream team of Founders.

Khalil Sautchuk
Founder & CEO
Former professional wakeboard champion, with double Italian-Brazilian citizenship, has a degree in business administration from Universidade Paulista – UNIP, the Amazonian completed his MBA in executive management at IBMEC/MG, Junior Achievement/FUCAPI, empretec/Sebrae, financial management/Sebrae among other complementary courses. He is also Most Valuable Player – MVP – of the CCA Soccer Academy League in the United States – Texas, where he attended the 2nd year of high school. Athlete since the age of 10, the sport helped teach the boy to have focus, resilience, love, teamwork, leadership and deal with failure.
Gabriel Faleri
Co-Founder & CTO
Has a degree in Computer Science from the Minas Gerais Foundation for Education and Culture (FUMEC), has extensive experience in the technology segment, in which he has worked for more than a decade as a consultant in segments such as telecom, aviation, mining, industry, automotive and agricultural in multinational companies such as: the North American Accenture, the North American EcoprintQ Brazil and the French company Reply
Bellmond Viga
Director of operations
Researcher in human development and holistic therapist, Bellmond Viga graduated from Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras – CAL – in Performing Arts, and graduated in physical education from Universidade Paulista – UNIP and has a postgraduate degree in volleyball training and methodology. He is a yoga student, and since 2015 he has been focused on human sciences research. The therapist seeks ancient oriental knowledge with teachers and oriental masters, deve into these Indian experiences and traditions.

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